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Welcome to the Seniors Area, a resource for mature persons seeking guidance in the complex world of selling, buying and moving.

Dealing with mature clients in these areas is a vital focus in my business, and to that end I am constantly educating myself in issues that pertain to maximizing the value of my client's transaction, while minimizing their stress and worry,

I have provided links to rich resources for seniors in the areas of selling, buying, and exchanging real estate, coping with moving a lifetime accumulation of possessions and memories, and being as fully informed as possible.

I also invite you to scroll-down on this page and read "Why a Senior Real Estate Specialist" for an overview of the challenges facing seniors, and my philosophies about doing business in this important market.

Finally, I cordially invite your call or e-mail with any question or comment.

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Seniors Area Links 

This is the Senior Advantage Real Estate Council (SAREC) website, home of the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) certification. It has a wealth of information of interest to and about Seniors. As a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, I highly recommend this website to both seniors and their families.

Quality SeniorGuide ® is a FREE directory, comprehensive resource directory of senior living, health care, products and services available in Western Massachusetts. The Guide also contains articles of interest and a NEW Active Living section for 50+ adults including travel, entertainment, dining and health and fitness. I highly recommend going here and using these resources.

Moving Mentor® helps seniors, families and facilities with all aspects of the moving process. Moving Mentor® eases the way during times of transition by offering moving management and consulting services. Moving Mentor® also offers a line of products to help and guide seniors, their families and senior service providers throughout the moving process.

1031 exchange, real estate exchange, tax deferred exchange, any way you say it, that is what we they are all about. Specialized knowledge of investments and "1031" exchanges increases opportunities and opens doors to "creative solutions" for acquiring and disposing of real and personal property.

Why a Senior Real Estate Specialist? 

A Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is a qualified Realtor who has received specific training to work with Maturing Americans and their families. The training we receive addresses issues of importance to seniors:

• How can I financially stay in my home?
• How can I dispose of investment properties or second homes (some of which may be in other states) while keeping the most money?
• How do I find other competent professionals who specialize in working with clients like me?

A Mature client is anyone who is 55+. Although there is no "typical” senior profile, 80% of the 55 and over set own their own homes, and many of them also own a second home or an investment property. Sometimes they also own properties in more than one state. A common scenario is of a Massachusetts or Connecticut homeowner owning another home in the south, often Florida or North Carolina, or sometimes the second home is at the Cape or in the Adirondacks. The seniors may wish to sell their second house at the Cape, and buy a condo on the beach in Florida or Georgia, How do they accomplish the goal of a second house purchase on the beach and minimize what they pay to Uncle Sam? Often the client has an investment property which may be anything from a single family house to a small apartment building. Sometimes, the senior(s) own a large family home that they wish to sell, then buy one or two resort or "senior living” properties. Sorting out the timing of these sales and purchases can be quite an undertaking. An SRES well versed in mortgages (including reverse mortgages), like kind exchanges, and the sale of principal residences and investment properties can be a tremendous asset to members of the mature market. A client can easily save thousands of dollars in taxes or an increase of the sales price if the timing or the structure of the sale or purchase is done in just the right way.

Not only can an SRES provide real estate related information, we can assist our clients by recommending professionals who specialize in working with seniors. An SRES knows lenders who handle reverse mortgages, or can provide a "no cost/low cost” equity loan to enable the purchase of another property before the principal residence is sold. Likewise, the SRES knows accountants, tax professionals, 1031 exchange intermediaries and attorneys who specialize in providing seniors with up-to-the-minute expertise.

Additionally, many seniors have lived in their home for a number of years (in my experience often a minimum of 20-25 years). If the family is of comfortable means, the property is often well maintained. However, when they are less financially secure, it is more likely that the property will need repairs. When the family home is occupied by a widow living alone, it is often found that essential maintenance and repairs have not been done for considerable time. In these cases, an SRES can assist the client by helping prepare the house for sale.

Several years ago, one of my clients, a widow in her 80’s, asked me to list her home. Before I proceeded with the paperwork, I insisted that we meet to talk about HER needs and desires. She indicated that she had a heart problem and didn’t deal with stress well. We spoke at length about what she considered stressful and how I could help. As a result, we began by having a thorough home inspection by a competent professional who has well over 30 years experience as a contractor and is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). The home inspector found a number of problems that needed to be corrected so that the home could be sold for the highest dollar in the shortest amount of time. Because we proceeded in the manner we did, we were able to get several bids for the work, and had all the work completed before we put the house on the market. We had an offer at 99% of the list price within a matter of days. The additional time also allowed my client to prepare for her move. This could have been a difficult sale owing to the condition of the property. Because of our prep work, it was one of the smoothest transactions I’ve ever done. This is not to say there was not a lot of work. My client was alone, so I helped her to decide which repairs were essential, made sure that first class contractors gave us bids, and that the work was finished in a timely manner.

Working with mature clients is challenging and extremely rewarding for a Realtor. Often there is no immediate family member close by to assist the client. Some clients just want to stay in their own homes for another couple of years and need help figuring out if they are really able to. Some clients buy a condo, thinking they just don’t want so much space, only to find that the condo lifestyle doesn’t fit their personali

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