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As a seller's representative my primary goal is to assist you with the marketing and sale of your home.
For the typical realtor there are four steps to selling a house: 1.Pick a Price. 2 Put it in the Multiple Listing Service, 3.Put a sign in the yard, and 4. Pray. More recently, adding your house to 'social media" has become  effectively, step  #5.
 The first step in any marketing endeavor is to determine a proper price for your home. Overpricing your home by even as little as 10 % can cause buyers to bypass it in their search. More than 90% of home buyers are using the internet as their initial screen to find a property.
As buyers search properties they are looking for certain amenities; neighborhoods, good schools,and style of home, to name a few.  Before they have even looked at your property, they have probably looked at hundreds of others. They know what your competition has for amenities and how much they are asking for those houses. Getting your house priced right is of paramount importance - too high and you will be effectively invisible - too low and you will be leaving money on the table.
The second step  in the process is where I diverge from many of my contemporaries.  Preparing the marketing materials which will attract buyer's agents and buyers is of utmost importance.
I take pride in the marketing plan I develop for every property I sell. Each marketing plan is customized to the property. Every property gets at least a full color brochure with floor plans, and is promoted to buyer's agents and to your neighborhood. Every property is prominently featured on my website and Facebook page and in the multiple listing services and on .Additionally, for many properties  I will host a broker's Open House and an Open House for the general public.
Some properties will warrant a professional video tour. These are viewed on YouTube, linked to the MLS and on our Facebook and other networking sites.
Call me for an evaluation for your house. 877-534-5067

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